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Folklore & Tamburitza

The Croatian American Club of Phoenix proudly supports our heritage through the art of Dance & Music.
With workshops on Croatian language music, Tamburitza and folklore. 
We introduce you to ....

Jason Ottmann BartoviĆ M.Ed


Meet the Teacher

Greetings to All. I am very excited to announce that I will begin instructing a Croatian Dance and Tamburica Folklore Group in Arizona. Embracing and preserving Croatian Folklore has been my lifelong mission stemming from as early as I can recall. At the age of 7, I was performing dance and music in a small ensemble and by the age of 13, I was traveling abroad and teaching and learning various styles. Over the years I have collected some 50 instruments, including many tamburica. This past July, I had the honor of Guest Conductor for the Junior Cultural Croatian Fraternal Union. Earning a Masters in Education has connected me with many great people to keep this passion alive through the years. I want to share this passion with you and your family. Enrolling your child in dance and music will benefit everyone. All the best, Jason Ottmann Bartovic

Time Location & Fee Structure

TBT please contact Mr. Ottmann- Bartovic

Dance & Music Objectives

● Identify and interpret dance vocabulary. ● Demonstrate various movements through performance. ● Identify and respect both personal space and the space of others. ● Movement to a variety of rhythms. ● Respond to changes in rhythms. ● Perform various cultural and regional steps. ● Move randomly through space while avoiding collision with other students (in a line/in a circle)

Class Expectations & Etiquette

● Respect yourself, ALL elders, and your peers. ● Parents must allow for instruction, therefore you must leave the teaching area while instruction is occurring. ● Learn to follow directions. When asked to do something, just do it immediately and without question. ● Proper dance attire and practice attire are required (No jeans, hats, or street shoes if on a dance floor). ● For health and safety; no gum chewing is allowed while dancing. ● No phones allowed. ● No food or beverage consumption at least 15 minutes before practice. (water is allowed) ● Once class begins, DO NOT leave without notifying the instructor. ● Do not use profanity. Use language appropriate for a learning environment. ● Attend all scheduled rehearsals, on time, properly dressed, and prepared. ● Exhibit critical listening and viewing skills at all times. ● Be positive, constructive, supportive, patient, and honest at all times.

Dance and Music Waiver

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